Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches


I have found that I eat a better breakfast on days I work if I have something already prepared and ready to go. I try to avoid fast-food breakfasts, although I don’t mind Subway’s breakfast sandwiches! It is easy to make those in a healthy way. Still, that is money spent when I have breakfast items at home…just not enough time in the morning to prepare it.

As I’ve started searching more for a variety of recipes for all meals, I’ve found so many choices for make-ahead breakfasts!

This is the first I’ve tried. I found the post on The Yummy Life, another food blog. I changed it a bit, but not by much. TYL did not scramble their eggs, I did. TYL used Canadian bacon, I used thin sausage patties (husband’s preference.) Finally, I did not use deli wax paper for freezer storage…I used the roll of wax paper I already had in the cupboard, and it is much cheaper from what I can tell. 🙂

So, here goes!

Make-Ahead Healthy (If you want!) English Muffins with Cheese, Sausage and Egg


  • 100% whole wheat English muffins, toasted, if you like
  •  whole eggs — you can use Egg Beaters or all egg whites, if you prefer
  • sliced cheese — I used regular cheddar cheese that comes in ultra-thin slices, only 45 calories per slice; you can also use reduced-fat cheese, but it doesn’t melt as well.
  • Canadian bacon slices, cooked sausage patties (healthier version…turkey sausage)


(NOTES: If you haven’t cooked your sausage/prepared the meat yet, do so while baking the eggs. And if you like to toast your English muffins, do so before assembly.) 🙂

BAKE THE EGGS. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray jumbo muffin tins or 7 to 8 oz. ramekins with cooking spray. (The 7 oz worked well for me.) Add an egg to each one (or equivalent amount of Egg Beaters or egg white). Sprinkle with black pepper, if desired. Bake for 25-30 minutes until set and completely cooked.
ASSEMBLE MUFFINS. Split open muffins; on each one, stack a slice of cheese, a Canadian bacon slice or sausage patty, and a baked egg.
WRAP & FREEZE MUFFINS. For microwave reheating, wrap each muffin in parchment or wax paper. For oven reheating, wrap each muffin in aluminum foil. Place wrapped muffins in plastic freezer bag and freeze.
NOTE: You might want to write the instructions on the freezer bag if someone else in your house needs to warm these! I wrote the instructions on the outside of the bag, so hubby can microwave one of these in the wee hours before heading out for his first flight of the day!
If wrapped in wax paper:
REHEAT IN MICROWAVE. If thawed, 40-60 seconds at full power. If frozen, 3 minutes at half power, turning over after each minute.
If wrapped in foil:
REHEAT IN OVEN. In 350 degree oven, place on baking sheet and heat for 15 to 20 minutes if thawed; 30-40 minutes if frozen.

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